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Siberian Meatgrinder-Metal Bear Stomp

Funniest metal album covers 2017

A continuum to my previous post of Best Metal Album Covers 2017, here are the different ones. Not the opposite since the world truly needs covers like Siberian Meatgrinder’s “Metal Bear Stomp”, Axxis’s “Retrolution” and Night Laser’s “Laserhead”. What the world doesn’t need is The Darkness’s “Pinewood Smile” and another Angry Birds typeface in Double […]

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Beauvoir Free - American Trash

Funniest album covers from 2015

Time to get serious. Not! These pieces of art are my personal choices for the annual funniest album covers from 2015. Keep in mind my purpose is not to hurt anyones precious feelings here and some of these covers are actually really good, they just make me laugh. In most cases this is good yet some […]

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Funniest album covers of 2014

Funny album covers from 2014 Here we have once again, all the funniest album covers from previous year. Remember, most of them are here on purpose, they have been designed with tongue-in-cheek attitude hoping to get to lists like this. Most of these albums are also musically top-notch stuff and great albums indeed. Some covers are just […]

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Funniest album covers from 2013

Now it’s time to take sh*t seriously – or not! Sometimes you just fail. It might be because of the client and their weird visions, a bad (hair) day or just lack of your talent. My message to all bands and musicians out there is remember to respect the designers and their profession. If you […]

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Kane Roberts - Kane Roberts

Tasty treats of funny metal album covers 2012

At the end of this year I will once again gather all the best and funniest album covers. This time I wanna give some clues what’s happening in the fields of the funny ones. I have several more of these treats but here are some picks from the vault. Some of them are not necessarily […]

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Funniest/WTF? – Album covers 2009

What have they been thinking of…

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Jari Sillanpää ei osaa kirjoittaa

Artist screws up the songlist – and blames the designer!

This Monday I was listening to a finnish radiostation Radio SuomiPop. They were interviewing famous finnish artist mr. Jari Sillanpää who was supposed to release his Christmas album this year. However Jari had a sad story to tell about that process.His graphic designer sent him an email and asked about the songlist to be typed […]

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