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35 Best metal and hard rock album covers 2012!

Happy new year 2013. Here are my choices for best album covers from 2012.  

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Blut Aus Nord - 777 - Comosophy

Best album covers September 2012

Summer is starting to breath its final breaths and we are ready for the becoming of cold and dark days. Or are we? I’m not – not at all. I’m just counting days for my next summer holiday (262 days, 37 weeks and 3 days excactly…). While waiting I’ve once again collected some nice album […]

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Bedemon - Symphony of shadows

Best metal album covers October 2012

Time to gather up some great stuff from October 2012. Time after summer usually brings more records to sale and more variation to visual quality. Besides these beautiful examples I’ve found some really cool opposites also to my annual posting end of the year.

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Mnemesis (Mnemic)

Best metal album covers from June and July 2012

After quick summer break it is now time to showcase some of the best album art. Usually bands don’t release that much albums during summer time because of lack of potential buyers. People are on the beach drinking beer and not necessarily searching for hot new releases. In movie business they release easygoing movies in summers, […]

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Kane Roberts - Kane Roberts

Tasty treats of funny metal album covers 2012

At the end of this year I will once again gather all the best and funniest album covers. This time I wanna give some clues what’s happening in the fields of the funny ones. I have several more of these treats but here are some picks from the vault. Some of them are not necessarily […]

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I Like Trains - The shallows

Best metal album covers May 2012

May 2012 had album art mostly by bands I didn’t even knew. Earthlimb, For All This Bloodhshed, In Mourning and Soulsavers really surprised me with their creative album art. I was also delighted to see some hints of Joos Schmidts classic Bauhaus poster in I Like Trains album “The Shallows”. You can check out the […]

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Bob Wayne- Till the wheels fall off

Best metal album covers April 2012

It is time of Spring and here are my choices for best album covers in April 2012. This month gave us way more abstractive concepts than previous month. Album artworks such as “Aldaaron – Supreme silence”, “Anathema – Weather systems”, “Another Perfect Day – Four songs for the left behind”, Deadborn – Mayhem maniac machine”, “Moonspell […]

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Imperial State Electric - Pop war

Best metal album covers March 2012

March 2012 gave us some really cool stuff. I love the typography and atmosphere of Black Space Riders ‘Light is the new Black’. There are also some excellent usage of animals in such bands covers as Devil In Me, Dry the River, Imperial State Electric, Lonewolf and Secrets of the Moon. All are really good […]

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Morbid Angel - Illud divinum insanus - the remixes

Best metal album covers February 2012!

Heres my selections of best metal album covers from February 2012.

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Alcest - Les Voyages De Lame

Best album covers January 2012

It is time to start the year 2012 with 8 cool artworks from various bands. I found some pretty cool stuff. Especially I would like to point out Kommando Kap Hoorns extraordinary zombie-orientated album art. It has nice idea and fresh design. Also Caliban album cover really stops whatever you are doing. Haunting and hypnotic. […]

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