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Trivium - In Waves

Best metal album covers 2011

Happy New Year 2012! Let’s all hope this one brings as much good album covers as did year 2011. We had a fine selection last year and as my first post in 2012 I’ll share 25 pieces of what was the best. The cream of the crap. Every month I did select one as the […]

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Funniest album covers 2011

Happy happy joy joy, it is time to reveal all the joy from 2011 in a form of metal album covers. Just remember, most of these covers are not bad in a sense of design. They just appear in some joyful form which no man can explain properly. Even not me. Some of them are […]

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Hostile-Eve Of Destruction album artwork

My latest work: cover art for Hostile debut album ‘Eve of Destruction’

Hostile is a heavy metal group hailing from UK. They are about to release their debut album called ‘Eve of Destruction’ on October 31th. I got the privilege to design the album cover art. The album is produced by K.K. Downing himself and the band bass player is the son of Judas Priest’s Ian Hill.  

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Septic Flesh-The Great Mass

Best album covers April 2011

First of all I have to apologize for skipping March totally but I just didn´t have the time. Luckily I´ve collected the cream of the crap from April 2011. Previous month offered some really good choices even for an album cover of the year. I was really pleased to see some brave design solutions and […]

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Sorrows Path - The Rough Path of Nihilism

Best metal album covers January 2011

Here´s the first selection of best album covers of 2011. Scroll down for the winner and let me know your thoughts! I found many of these comes from death metal genre but that is for a reason. To me it seems all the best design currently comes from that area. The bands are finally finding […]

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