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Worst bootleg DVD covers

It is Summer and time to add some fun to my so very serious posts. I gathered a bunch of absolutely horrible DVD bootleg covers from various artists. Mainly from the hard rock/metal genre. A few word about bootlegs. According to Wikipedia “A bootleg recording is an audio or video recording of a performance that […]

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Brother Firetribe - Diamond in the firepit

Best albums of 2014 selected

I was rating and choosing best albums of 2014 to the worlds leading heavy metal artwork website Heavy Metal Artwork ( It was hard to pick yet all the albums included were true classics. Check out my and other contributors choices including Judas Priest, Brother Firetribe, Septicflesh, Behemoth, Billy Idol, Fallujah, Devin Townsend, Solstafir and […]

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Kreator - Cause for Conflict

Back cover design for CD

People usually, myself included, judge graphic design and art for albums based on the front cover. However we need to remember just how important part also is the actual back cover of a physical CD. It is not just an information based space for song list, instead it can play major role for the design […]

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CD art review: Arjen Anthony Lucassen’s Star One “Victims of the Modern Age”

I found this draft from the depths of my hard drive. It has been a long time since my last review and this album was released in 2010 but it has some timeless design in it. The following text is borrowed pretty straight from Wikipedia’s article but you’ll get the basic facts about this amazing […]

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Minimalist Heavy Metal Posters

We have probably all seen these inspirational minimalist movie posters in the web. I decided to give it a go and see what kind of stuff I can come up with metal band fictional posters. As an art movement, the roots and foundation of Minimalism started somewhere during the early 20th Century by De Stijl […]

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Metal Band Art

Check out this new website which is dedicated to “to all of the amazing artists who have done artwork for metal bands”. The site is maintained by talented artist Rodney Githens whos worked with bands such as Slayer, Heaven Shall Burn, Kylesa, Intronaut, Whitechapel, Sons of Tonatiuh, War From a Harlots Mouth & others. Be […]

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Eroticism in metal album covers

Yep, I admit! I could have more hits on my website! So spank me! I´m not doing this just to get more hits though, Heavy metal can be sexy or even sensual and erotic and I´m not talking  just Manowar album covers! There are more, trust me. Some of them are straight in your face […]

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Visit Heavy Metal Bay

Are there a few one-of-a-kind pieces of heavy metal pieces that are missing from your collection, and you just can’t get a decent night’s sleep until you can get your hands on them? Is there an album you want to lay your hands on? Do you have a poster to sell? Anything, as long as […]

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Joe Petagno interview

This is a interview I did to K.K. Downing´s Steel Mill together with my fellow Millworker Kassu Kortelainen. You can read the original interview from here: Joe Petagno All work copyright J.Petagno Besides Motörhead´s brilliant album covers and extremely popular ”Snaggletooth” AKA “War-Pig” character Joe Petagno has a honourable history as a graphic designer and […]

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Judas Priest logo history

At least since the 1970s, band logos have been a big part of rock bands’ visual image. Not only to ‘brand the band’ in order to boost the sales of merchandise, but also, especially when we’re talking about heavy metal genre, to provide kind of signs of subculture to the fans -to make the music, […]

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Jari Sillanpää ei osaa kirjoittaa

Artist screws up the songlist – and blames the designer!

This Monday I was listening to a finnish radiostation Radio SuomiPop. They were interviewing famous finnish artist mr. Jari Sillanpää who was supposed to release his Christmas album this year. However Jari had a sad story to tell about that process.His graphic designer sent him an email and asked about the songlist to be typed […]

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