Torin Rytmit-festival in Hyvinkää

Last week was absolutely brilliant with full of work and fun. I was shooting pics for my clients K.K. Downing Steel Mill-website in Torin Rytmit-festival in Hyvinkää, Finland ( It was a special fest for me ’cause one of my other client Project Rock (formerly known as Rockstar) was performing there so via Metal Music Bookings and Project Rock guitarist Keri Kelli I got organized a meeting with the band. I had a great time with all of them and we made some future plans.

There were lot of other great performers also including Sonata Arctica, Amorphis, Michael Monroe, Klamydia, Hevisaurus and Samantha Fox (my childhood crush…)!

Go to K.K. Downing Steel Mill’s Facebook page to view the gallery:

I truly hope they are organizing this fest also next year. It was extremely well organized, the staff was really friendly and they had booked great bands. Of course being a metal head I would’ve like to see more hard rocking bands there. Maybe next year….

I was lucky to meet these friendly people also.

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