Best album covers April 2013

You are now browsing all the best album covers from April 2013.  Summer is on it’s way and the sun is shining, birds are singing and flowers are blooming. What would be more nicer than to browse gory, bloody and spooky metal album covers?

I found 12 really amazing pieces like Svart Crown‘s ‘Profane’ that is simple yet extremely haunting. With similar simplicity are Lo!‘s ‘Monstrorum Historia’ and IO’s ‘No Consequence’.

It’s nice to see how bands and their designers are really getting their inspiration from early 1900’s and even beyond from early Japanese arts and graphics. You can see these movements from Amorphis ‘Circle’, Ghost ‘Infestissimum’ and The Levitation Hex‘s self-titled album. You can see more connections to these early art movements from my previous posts from this year. I also gotta say a word about the Ghost album ’cause it has been spinning in my house and my car so many times it will probably be the best album that will come out 2013.

Device is a solo project by David Draiman – the frontman of Disturbed which is currently on hiatus. As the cool album cover states they play really industrial sounding metal. Cool robot screaming in pain, hey?

There are other really nice illustrated album covers besides the ones I mentioned earlier. Pride Shall Fall‘s ‘The Breach of Atlas’ looks pretty cool with all the tentacles reaching this poor guy. Also probably the coolest album cover award for this year should go to The Brains cover for ‘The Monster Within’! It is such a joy to watch (and to listen also, the album is really good!).

There are some really nice digital art usage in Day We Are Even, Pessimist and Trail of Tears album covers.

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