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  • Best heavy metal album covers 2012

    Best heavy metal album covers 2012

    I had the pleasure to do another album art for guitar god himself Yngwie Malmsteen. The album will be released December 5th and today the album art with tracklist was revealed to public. I threw some ideas to Malmsteen MGMT and this one got picked up. It has Yngwie himself rising from the abyss to [...]

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Ahab - The boats of the Glen Carrig

Best rock and metal album covers from November to December 2015

Last update for this year in my best monthly-series. Here are the best rock and metal album covers from November to December 2015. Make sure to stay tuned for my choices of the best and funniest album covers throughout 2015.

Slayer - Repentless

Best rock and metal album covers from July to October 2015

Been a while since my last “Best rock and metal album covers” post but as the year 2015 is turning to it’s closure it’s time wrap up what’s left. I’ll post the complete best of as usual in January with album covers included from November and December. Unless I decide to post those beforehand. Also, […]


Tuska Metal Fest 2015

Yours truly attended once again to Tuska Metal Fest this Summer. I held the Press & Photo-passes to cover up as much as possible from the fest to the almighty Heavy Metal Artwork-website. This year I got to see so many great bands such as Alice Cooper, Exodus, Sabaton, The Sirens, Stratovarius and many more. I had […]

Turbobier - Irokesentango

Best rock and metal album covers from May and June 2015

 Best rock and metal album covers from May and June 2015 Enjoy!


Worst bootleg DVD covers

It is Summer and time to add some fun to my so very serious posts. I gathered a bunch of absolutely horrible DVD bootleg covers from various artists. Mainly from the hard rock/metal genre. A few word about bootlegs. According to Wikipedia “A bootleg recording is an audio or video recording of a performance that […]

conflicted album cover by PeteAlander

Artwork for Conflicted album “In the Water”

“Metal and Classical. Screams and Whispers. Technique and Emotion. Definitions at odds with each other fusing together to form the sound that is CONFLICTED. Based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada – CONFLICTED create a truly unique, genre-expanding modern Hard Rock/Progressive Metal sound via a combination of expert technical ability, a fervency for volume, and a passion […]

Moonspell - Extinct

Best rock and metal album covers from January to April 2015

Here’s my first post this year to present best album covers so far. Check out the gallery below and feel free to share this post or give some feedback!


Metalliluola.fi website launched

I was involved with a brand new Finnish website covering mostly heavy metal album reviews from big names but also smaller bands. Metalliluola also covers interviews and show reviews. They started out as only Facebook page but early this year they contacted me for a website design. Today the site has been launched and I’m […]


Metal for Men and Metal pour Femme by K.K. Downing. Tag line and graphic design

Metal for Men and Metal pour Femme by K.K. Downing. A new fragrances series by guitar legend K.K. Downing was launched late 2014. I was asked to enhance the visual identity and marketing strategy for this product. I came up with bunch of ideas for graphics and the tagline “Be More. Be Metal.” which I believe […]

Brother Firetribe - Diamond in the firepit

Best albums of 2014 selected

I was rating and choosing best albums of 2014 to the worlds leading heavy metal artwork website Heavy Metal Artwork (www.heavymetalartwork.com). It was hard to pick yet all the albums included were true classics. Check out my and other contributors choices including Judas Priest, Brother Firetribe, Septicflesh, Behemoth, Billy Idol, Fallujah, Devin Townsend, Solstafir and […]

The Art of Metal-book

Since the late 1960s, the imagery of the heavy metal genre has been closely connected with the music itself. Classic albums evoke memories of famous cover artwork; metal bands have become forever synonymous with their iconic logos; and landmark live shows have led to instantly recognizable gig posters that embody the time, place, and passion […]

Funniest album covers of 2014

Funny album covers from 2014 Here we have once again, all the funniest album covers from previous year. Remember, most of them are here on purpose, they have been designed with tongue-in-cheek attitude hoping to get to lists like this. Most of these albums are also musically top-notch stuff and great albums indeed. Some covers are just […]

25 best of the best metal and hard rock album covers 2014

25 best heavy metal and hard rock album covers from 2014! It is time to reveal the best album covers from past year 2014. I carefully selected 25 of them from my previous posts around the year yet there were many left out bubblin’ under. Enjoy these and stay tuned for my next post which will reveal the […]

Best rock and metal album covers from October to December 2014

Before my annual Best of 2014 listing it’s time to reveal the rest of missing bunch from October to December. There was so many to choose from, except December which once again seemed to have less releases yet November had many interesting albums.  So without any further commentary check these amazing album covers and feel free […]

Best rock and metal album covers from June to September part 2