Branding for Espoon Helvi Oy

When I was a young boy starting out in this business I was really fascinated about visual identites and branding. Somehow all the stuff I read from Graphics books etc. communicated with me and I couldn’t wait to get real work from real clients. Before that happened I doodle up fictitious visual identities to fictitious clients. I was about 16 or 17 years old when I got the opportunity to design a complete visual identity to a real estate and management company called Espoon Helvi. Espoo is the second largest city and municipality in Finland and the name Helvi comes from owner mrs. Helena Viiala, a very nice lady who understood nervous first timer and his wild suggestions for corporate identity.

Long story short, I created a logo, brochure, business cards and stationary for Espoon Helvi. Everyone was happy and it really boosted my self-conscience as a designer and it was much easier to take the next step and other jobs.

Year ago I was thinking about this case and decided to google whether this company still existed and yes indeed it did. I was really happy to see  my logo design was still in use. Even though it was a work from a rookie I still believe it worked quite well after 15 years. Good logos lasts but I thought the company needed an improvement so I contacted after all these years. They remembered me well and we decided to update the visual identity together with the website.

Here’s the old identity:

Old letterhead SAMSUNG SAMSUNG

Old website



And the new one:

Espoon Helvi new logo


stationary businesscards


Check out for a closer look.

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