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Best metal album cover picks from February 2013

Here are my picks from February 2013. I did find some very cool covers and I must point out Sacred Steel’s fresh way to promote their brand new album ‘The Bloodhsed Summoning’. It is nice to see something else than those generic dragon slaying covers in the genre of Power Metal. We also have two […]

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Kreator - Cause for Conflict

Back cover design for CD

People usually, myself included, judge graphic design and art for albums based on the front cover. However we need to remember just how important part also is the actual back cover of a physical CD. It is not just an information based space for song list, instead it can play major role for the design […]

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Best metal album cover picks from January 2013

Here are my pickups from January. Some really nice stuff and I hope this year will bring many cool covers like last year did. Let’s also hope artists will keep producing physical cd’s instead of going all digital. Enjoy!  

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Latest work: Album cover for Jordi Sandalinas “Aquell estiu”

I had the honour to create the artwork for Jordi Sandalinas new digital EP called ‘Aquell Estiu’.  Go ahead and listen to the amazing song via his Reverbnation page:  

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CD art review: Arjen Anthony Lucassen’s Star One “Victims of the Modern Age”

I found this draft from the depths of my hard drive. It has been a long time since my last review and this album was released in 2010 but it has some timeless design in it. The following text is borrowed pretty straight from Wikipedia’s article but you’ll get the basic facts about this amazing […]

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Latest work: Website for Graaflinx

I helped a Finnish based small but really talented design agency to start up their company website. The job included finding a host for their domain, Worpdress installation, site design, some CSS tweaking,  SEO and elearning material for the client.

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Heavy Metal Artwork feature is worlds leading website dedicated to art, design, literature and artists inside heavy metal genre. From their site you can read News, rad articles, browse profiles of worlds best designers, buy merchandise, browse record labels and read from artists since times of renaissance. I had the privilege to be chosen in the page with designers profiles. […]

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Funniest album covers 2012

It is time to collect all the fun stuff from the year 2012. Like always, remember that some of these are not necessarily bad design. They might have other hilarious elements in them so don’t be offended if you find your favorite bands album cover from this page. Smile!      

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35 Best metal and hard rock album covers 2012!

Happy new year 2013. Here are my choices for best album covers from 2012.  

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New website now open

I have finally opened up my brand new website It still has some work to do but otherwise I’m pretty pleased with it. I have absolutely no problems creating cool websites and graphics to my clients from any business field but when it comes to anything related to me personally, it gets difficult. I […]

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Ouijabeard - Die and let live

Best album covers from October to December 2012

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I’m testing some nerdish things and you might see this page as a mess. Don’t worry, it will be fixed any year now…

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YngwieMalmsteen Spellbound albumcover

Latest work: Yngwie Malmsteen’s album art for “Spellbound”

I had the pleasure to do another album art for guitar god himself Yngwie Malmsteen. The album will be released December 5th and today the album art with tracklist was revealed to public. I threw some ideas to Malmsteen MGMT and this one got picked up. It has Yngwie himself rising from the abyss to […]

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Website for ILS company

A new website by Bandmill is finally launched. I re-designed the ILS logo this year and now it was time to pimp the website. Go and check it out:

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Blut Aus Nord - 777 - Comosophy

Best album covers September 2012

Summer is starting to breath its final breaths and we are ready for the becoming of cold and dark days. Or are we? I’m not – not at all. I’m just counting days for my next summer holiday (262 days, 37 weeks and 3 days excactly…). While waiting I’ve once again collected some nice album […]

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