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Kittie - I've Failed You

Best album covers September 2011

Once again I have chosen the cream of the crap from pile of album covers. This September offered lot of good choices and I had difficulties to choose the best. Kitte’s cover is amazing though. It has very simple concept but strong message. Although skulls and roses have been used a lot it doesn’t matter […]

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A Hill To Die Upon - Omens

Best album covers August 2011

Here are my contributions from August. Previous month had many really superb covers to offer and I chose 17 of them as my choices. From this month selections it was great to see some modern art movements such as constructivism in Criminal’s ‘Akelarre’ album cover. Judas Priest’s box set ‘Single Cuts’ was refreshing artwork to […]

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Twopointeight - Twopointeight II

Best album covers July 2011

Enjoy!                                   Album cover of the Month:

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Inevitable End - The Oculus

Best album covers June 2011

I know July is almost over and I’m a bit late with my monthly post but c’mon it is summer after all. Sun is shining and I´ve been busy enjoying everything else than working. Anyway, here are my choices for the best album covers of June 2011. Some cool gems there. Some a bit funny, […]

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Amorphis - The Beginning of Times

Best album covers May 2011

This month features some really amazing stuff. I had lot of difficulties choosing the best one ´cause there were many good options available. Usually I´m, not the biggest fan of cartoon-like album art but Blood Commands “Hand Us the Alpha Male” proves me wrong. Also U.D.O´s art for “Rev-Raptor” is actually quite funny yet nice […]

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Septic Flesh-The Great Mass

Best album covers April 2011

First of all I have to apologize for skipping March totally but I just didn´t have the time. Luckily I´ve collected the cream of the crap from April 2011. Previous month offered some really good choices even for an album cover of the year. I was really pleased to see some brave design solutions and […]

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Best album covers February 2011

Here they are! This month offered nice variety of different covers. It was actually pretty hard task to choose the best since there were so many good choices available. One of the biggest and positive surprises was The Fuzztones cover. At first look I was already putting it to my “most funniest” category but deeper […]

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Sorrows Path - The Rough Path of Nihilism

Best metal album covers January 2011

Here´s the first selection of best album covers of 2011. Scroll down for the winner and let me know your thoughts! I found many of these comes from death metal genre but that is for a reason. To me it seems all the best design currently comes from that area. The bands are finally finding […]

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Burden - A Hole In the Shell

Best metal and hard rock album covers 2010!

Behold! It is time to gather up the winners of 2010! I´ve picked up 25 amazing metal/hard rock album cover from this year. Best of the best and most metal of metal! During the year I´ve been browsing hundreds of album covers and tried to pick my favorites. Comparing to last year, 2010 didn´t gave much […]

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The most funniest album covers from 2010!

Before I post my annual “Best album covers 2010” I want to gather up the other side of 2010 cover art. These are not necessarily bad or that they have terrible design but they just have the weird vibe that grabs your attention. Most of them are probably deliberately funny, some of them just falls […]

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Best album covers November 2010

It is time to gather up the best album covers from releases of November. There was some really good stuff and something I will present later on my yarly “Funny/WTF” category. Be sure to subscribe into my site and get the news when I announce my gather up for the best and worst covers from […]

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Album Covers October 2010

October is full of fest. One day I´ll drag my sorry ass to Germany and drink like I´ve never drank before. Meanwhile, let´s check out some good looking album covers from October. Bandmill´s choice for the cover of October: BRING ME THE HORIZON – There Is A Hell, Believe Me I’ve Seen It. There Is A […]

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Typography in album cover design 2009

Interesting picks where typography plays the main role in design:  

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Funniest/WTF? – Album covers 2009

What have they been thinking of…

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Bubblin Under – cover art from 2009

Here are the album covers bubblin under top 10 list:

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