Thy Art Is Murder-Dear desolation

Top 10 Best Metal Album Covers 2017

Happy New Year 2018!

Last year brought us again some amazing art from various metal and hard rock bands around our (sadly) warming globe. Here are ten of them chosen as the best ones by yours truly.

We have a set of skulls (Arch Enemy, Caelestia), animals (Thy Art Is Murder, Soen, The Moon And The Nightspirit), illustrations (Belphegor) and photography (Hollywood Undead, Oceanwake). Am I missing something? Most likely yes so hit with a comment below or to my Facebook-page.

Following albums are not representing my choices of best metal albums 2017. In case you are wondering, here ya go my top 5:

1. Kreator – Gods Of Violence
2. Carach Angren – Dance And Laugh Amongst The Rotten
3. Myrkur – Mareridt
4. Beast In Black – Berserker
5. Eldamar – A Dark Forgotten Past

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