Worst bootleg DVD covers

It is Summer and time to add some fun to my so very serious posts. I gathered a bunch of absolutely horrible DVD bootleg covers from various artists. Mainly from the hard rock/metal genre.

A few word about bootlegs. According to Wikipedia “A bootleg recording is an audio or video recording of a performance that was not officially released by the artist or under other legal authority.” This, in many cases, distracts the artists to believe bootleg trading is very much like online-privacy where copyrights are violated and record labels and artists are loosing their share. This however, in my humble opinion, is not the case. At least not anymore in 2015 where you can see or listen your favorite bands performing whenever you want so there’s no need to buy unofficial performances in audio or video. Youtube holds a gazillion concerts, even pro-shot footage so you have no need to buy overpriced recordings. People are not buying albums anymore so who would like to pay for a bootleg? Back in days when I was younger and participated in record fairs and was collecting vinyls, VHS-tapes and CD’s you could buy bootleg stuff. Usually packed with horrible design and with ridiculous price. I usually skipped the most expensive stuff but wanted to have as much as possible of my favorite bands concerts, so I have purchased many bootlegs to my collection. Is this money out of the bands cash flow? No. Is this money great income to the seller? No. Am I just dumb to buy sh*t with really bad quality (audio, video and designwise)? Yes.

People who buy bootlegs are most likely like me, a definitive music lovers, collectors and people who attend to bands shows, buy all official releases (maybe even twice) and get memorabilia, clothes and all kinds of stuff. Do you know anyone who is willing to buy bad quality of Jennifer Lopez’s or other talentless radio-artists (yet succesful) bootlegs in high price? Me neither. I even tried to find some major pop star bootlegs for this article but they were really hard to find. People who listen to these artists does not categorize in “music lover” section. They are more like in sheep-category.

Most of the bootleg album and dvd covers are made by non-designers and are mainly hilarious. I always found it really annoying to pay sh*tload of money to a badly designed covers. So in many cases I designed my own. See the following gallery to witness some of the most worst DVD bootlegs, front and back! See all the major mistakes with stretched images and typefaces, drop shadows and outer glows, even inner glows with embossing, bad colours, non-sense pictures and extreme font use!


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