conflicted album cover by PeteAlander

Artwork for Conflicted album “In the Water”

“Metal and Classical. Screams and Whispers. Technique and Emotion. Definitions at odds with each other fusing together to form the sound that is CONFLICTED.
Based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada – CONFLICTED create a truly unique, genre-expanding modern Hard Rock/Progressive Metal sound via a combination of expert technical ability, a fervency for volume, and a passion for power – all presented within the framework of well-crafted, memorable songs.”

I already had designed a new logo for this Canadian band Conflicted back in 2014. Now it is time to reveal the artwork I designed (plus the booklet, backcover, discface design) for their brilliant release “In The Water“. I highly recommend you to check this band and order this amazing album! It is not just about a great album cover, these guys surely know how to make good music! Also check out their Facebook page:

Conflicted album cover by Pete Alander


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