Best rock and metal album covers from June to September part 1

It is time to clean up my hard drive and gather up some stuff post summertime. This year has given us amazing albums and especially really good album covers. This is my part 1 of the best of the best  from June to September covering summer months June and July. Albums are not in any particular order. I’ll post my best of 2014 in the early 2015.

We had some releases from bigger acts like Judas Priest, Mastodon and Linkin Park. All had cool approaches to their designs. One of my favourites Septicflesh gave a really good piece of art such as did Origin, Tarja and The Breather. Cannabis Corpse is just awesome! You can’t argue with that even if you didn’t fancy so much dead people doing drugs. Grave Digger once again had a solid album with excellent artwork by Guyla Havancsák. Read my interview of Grave Digger I did to

Enjoy these and stay tuned for the part 2 really soon!


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