Funniest album covers from 2013

Now it’s time to take sh*t seriously – or not! Sometimes you just fail. It might be because of the client and their weird visions, a bad (hair) day or just lack of your talent. My message to all bands and musicians out there is remember to respect the designers and their profession. If you are an educated and experienced designer you can have you word, otherwise let us do our work or you might get into lists like this faster than you can say ‘can I have some 3D and lens flare with Abaddon font‘. Don’t get me wrong, designers really need to listen to their client but it goes vice versa.

Many of these album covers are not horrible or bad, they are meant to amuse and it’s great! Some of these are trying a bit too hard and some are just result of lazy design. I’ve listened most of these albums and they have some amazing songs in them. It’s a shame they don’t have the album art deserved.

Anyway, have fun and remember not take things too seriously!

Adema - Topple the Giants AOR - The secrets of L.A.

The 90’s 3D rendering period should be over now…

Blood On The Dance Floor - Evolution

What are my eyes seeing? Oh it burns!


Cliteater - Cliteaten back to life

Looks legit to me! Respect to Cannibal Corpse. Love this!

Coronatus - Recreatio carminis


Cultus Ferox - Beutezug


Deep Purple - Now what

Deep Purple, now what have you done?! I mean ‘Chiller’ font?! Otherwise such a great album.


DIE VORBOTEN - Aufschrei

It took me a long time to figure out a) name of the band b) title of the album. 

fair warning - sundancer

‘Boogie all night long…’

Gallows Pole - And Time Stood Still

The only thing this one missing is Algerian-font. No wait…


Gonoreas - The mask of shame


Guns Of Moropolis - Heavy Metal killed your Mama

This is actually really good album, one of the best ones 2013. I still don’t understand the Angry Birds reference here…



Hellcannon - Infected With Violence

This one is really cool, cheesy but cool!


Jesse Damon - Temptation in the garden of Eve

If you need some help with Photoshop, go to They do it for FREE!


Megadeth - Super Collider

Google this cover and you get some disturbing mock-ups. 


Just for the love of cheesiness. 


MMXII - Phoenix Rising


Mortillery-Origin of extinction

If only this one was a b-movie from 80´s. This is awesome!


Necronomicon Beast - Sowers of discord


Skinflint - Dipoko

There is always at least one cover screaming for ‘Goatse’ in my annual lists…


Starkill - Fires of Life

I think it’s time to stop using Abaddon font, eventhough this one treats it with respect. 

Stozhar - No retreat


the meteors - stampede

I love this!


The Roxx - To heaven with hell


Umbra Et Imago - Mystica sexualis

Uuuhh… so hot!

Warfect -  Exoneration Denied

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