Garagedays logo re-design

From Austria hails a mighty metal warriors called Garagedays. I was gladly asked to re-design their old logo and to come up with three different t-shirt designs. I was thrilled ’cause after hearing their upcoming album it was pretty obvious these guys surely know how to bang yours and mine head hard! The producer of the album is no one less than mr. Ralf Scheepers from Primal Fear who also delivers his vocals on two tracks. Mixing and mastering is made by the one and only Andy LaRocque.

Sometimes I just love my job so much! I hope you like this as much as I do. Remember the check these guys in Finland on November when they are touring with my other client Project Rock. Get your tickets here!



Don’t ask me about the snake heads… I was just improvising. They don’t come with the shirts. 🙂

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