Best metal and hard rock album covers from June 2013

Previous month offered us at least one legendary album and that is Black Sabbath’s ’13’. It has sold a lot all over the world and to me it is a good album. I also truly enjoyed their album art with burning letters of 1 and 3. Black Sabbath also released a video of how they created the cover. Check it out from here. I wish more bands would do this. I would be really interested on many album covers and their design process.

On the other hand we have other really cool covers. Personally I found a lot of joy from Haust’s cover for ‘No’. It was a never heard band for me but I couldn’t guess from the cover it was black metal! Such a creative and groundbreaking design. Isaak’s awesome tribute to old school movie posters and Palms’s very simple design are joy to watch.

Anyway, have a look at these and feel free to share this post everywhere! Have a nice summer also wherever you are!

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