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Greetings and happy new year 2013!

I have finally opened up my brand new website It still has some work to do but otherwise I’m pretty pleased with it. I have absolutely no problems creating cool websites and graphics to my clients from any business field but when it comes to anything related to me personally, it gets difficult.

I have now News and Blog in separate pages and you can even browse for different categories such as Monthly album covers. I also have now pretty cool portfolio page with some of my works from past to present. Don’t forget to browse them and maybe leave a nice comment or two? In case you have extra cash you can order some of my artwork to your home. Have a piece of Bandmill hanging in your house, what a great idea!

Remember to Like my brand new Facebook page also.

The site is open yet there is still lot of work to do with it. During the year I will add some more features to the site so remember to subscribe my newsletter so you don’t miss anything.

And yes, remember to read my posts for best and funniest album covers from 2012!

Until next time!

– Pete Alander

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