YngwieMalmsteen Spellbound albumcover

Latest work: Yngwie Malmsteen’s album art for “Spellbound”

YngwieMalmsteen Spellbound albumcover

I had the pleasure to do another album art for guitar god himself Yngwie Malmsteen. The album will be released December 5th and today the album art with tracklist was revealed to public. I threw some ideas to Malmsteen MGMT and this one got picked up. It has Yngwie himself rising from the abyss to kick some apocalyptic ass with his mighty guitar shredding. I can honestly admit it was done with tongue-in-cheek but love-in-my-heart attitude towards Yngwie and his music. This work is something I personally don’t value that much but as a graphic designer you give your customer what they need. I hope all fans of Yngwie Malmsteen likes it. All other’s… I really don’t care. 🙂

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