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Best album covers September 2012

Summer is starting to breath its final breaths and we are ready for the becoming of cold and dark days. Or are we? I’m not – not at all. I’m just counting days for my next summer holiday (262 days, 37 weeks and 3 days excactly…).

While waiting I’ve once again collected some nice album covers from September to please you. It’s been nice to see how many have been pinning these around with Pinterest. I’ll add some of these to my Pinterest page also but feel free to give comments to here also.

What can I say. In this digital world where album cover font size should be at least 30% bigger it is nice to notice how many bands still keep typing text beautifully with pretty small font size. See covers from Blut Aus Nord, Murder Construct,  Headspace, Devil Sold His Soul, Gorement, Vision Divine and Witchraft. You can’t read those album titles so well from your Spotify player or SellPod… sorry iPod (was it?) but damn they do look nice. ‘British Lion’ from Steve Harris is probably not the most creative solution for album art but it looks nice with it’s metallic taste. Live album from the Broilers looks classy and something you could find from you old dads LP-collection.

Dig in and enjoy!


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