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Best metal album covers from June and July 2012

After quick summer break it is now time to showcase some of the best album art. Usually bands don’t release that much albums during summer time because of lack of potential buyers. People are on the beach drinking beer and not necessarily searching for hot new releases. In movie business they release easygoing movies in summers, for example this year you get Spider Man, The Avengers, Abe Lincoln versus Vampires and stuff like that. In music business you get summer collections, best of’s and stuff like that. For example my founded gems from July was not a huge amount of covers. Instead on June there was lots of them! I decided to join these two months together and here are the results.

Some supercool covers I would like to pinpoint here are Icarus Witch’s Rise with it’s unique idea and good production. Conquering Death by Drake is really beautiful and scary at the same time. One of my highest points goes to Zombiekrigs covert art for Den vaenstra stigens ljus. It is one of the best covers I have seen in a while. All white and classic with reserved cross. Really nice touch!

I have never heard of this band Be’lakor but their Little Red Ridin Hood-type of cover for Of breath and bone is a real gem. A true work of art.

Check them out, Iwill post them also to my Pinterest site so you can pin them to yourself. Cheers!


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