Best metal/hard rock album covers 2009

Hello and happy new year 2010!

Here goes my first post judging album covers from 2009. This is not supposed to be top albums – it’s just covers. Some of these bands I’ve never even heard of but as we all music lovers know sometimes you pick up an album by it’s cover. Sometimes you don’t buy it because of it’s cover. Dont you?

I’ve browsed through hundreds of releases from last year and ranked them with following categories:

  1. Top 10 – The best of the best albums
  2. Bubblin Under – Some really good looking covers almost in top 10
  3. Funniest/WTF? – What have they been thinking…
  4. Typography – Interesting picks where there is only text elements used

So here we go, you don´t have to agree with me as we know all these “top 10-something” lists usually get people frustrated.

TOP 10

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