About Bandmill and Pete Alander

about bandmill and pete alander

Pete Alander the magician from Bandmill

Greetings and thanx for showing interest to my work! I am a graphic designer from Finland with more than 20 years of experience from the field of graphic design, teaching and brand management. I’m currently working as a graphic design teacher, an artist, as a journalist, a photographer and I run my own little one man army Bandmill – a graphic design studio.

What I do and what I’ve done are websites, corporate identities, brochures, books, album covers, business cards, logos, videos, photography… I’ve worked with companies all over the world and been a graphic design teacher for almost 20 years years now with experience of teaching in Finland (Spesia Vocational College, Pekka Halonen Academy) and in Spain (Marbella Design Academy – International Design School). I’ve also been involved with many e-learning projects, worked as a design specialist, contributor and I’m also a member of international network of art and design schools and businesses.

I have a Master’s degree of Culture and Arts along with Vocational Teacher Education. I’m also a Bachelor of Culture and Arts and have two Vocational degrees from fields of Graphic Design and Culture and Marketing and Business.


If you have a nice project in your mind then I hope you are. My expertise is working in the music industry. I’ve been lucky to have some really cool clients around the world from world famous rock stars to local bands still trying to get into the top. Even the “boring” stuff gets me excited.

I consider myself as hard working designer with good experience of different kind of clients and projects. I get along with everyone.

In 2013 I was chosen to be one of the featured artists in a book called ‘Pandemonium! An Extreme Metal Art Gallery!‘. Check out more information about the book from my post. I also have my name stamped in other important books such as “The Art of Metal – Five Decades of Heavy Metal Album Covers” and “…And Justice for Art. Stories About Heavy Metal Album Covers”. I’ve also been asked many quotes and advises for various art and design projects, logos and album covers. In 2014 I was featured in a full page article in Finlands biggest newspaper Helsingin Sanomat. Other mentions includes Iltalehti, Aamuposti, Helsingin Sanomat.fi, Soundi and Rumba.

I have also launched my own art-page: Pete Alander Artwork. Check it out to view my more artistic side and place an order if you like my work.

I hope you enjoy my work and keep coming back to read my blog where I mostly write about design and branding in music industry. I also update my portfolio often(ish). To be honest, I’m a bit lazy updating it, ’cause I’m always in the middle of some cool project!

Pete Alander in Helsingin Sanomat newspaper

Past and present clients:

Bands and musicians:

  • K.K. Downing (Judas Priest)
  • Yngwie Malmsteen
  • Sandalinas
  • Rockstar
  • Project Rock
  • Hostile
  • Kings of Modesty
  • Furnaze
  • Ciconia
  • Conflicted
  • Michael Schenker
  • Nick Marino
  • Tarja Turunen
  • Jordi Sandalinas
  • Violent Storm
  • All Tomorrows
  • Keri Kelli
  • Syron Vanes
  • Garagedays
  • Behind the Lights
  • Dark Man Shadow
  • Octanic
  • Order of Nine
  • The Jokers
  • Kiss of the Dolls
  • First Dawn
  • Unconscious Disturbance
  • War Kabinett
  • Magnotauro
  • Jupiter Falls
  • Spiritz
  • Jack & the Rippers
  • Magnotauro
  • Snake Eyes
  • Elliot Minor
  • The Sailormen
  • Takorauta
  • Behind the Lights
  • Kadonneet
  • Nuclear Salvation
  • Conflicted
  • Stonecast
  • Elliot Minor
  • Rantakulmarock-festival
  • Framestory
  • Soulead
  • HellBoys

Business and other:

  • Rising Force Records
  • Heavy Metal Artwork
  • Metal Music Bookings
  • Metalliluola
  • MediaAuditFinland Oy
  • ILS Oy
  • Validia
  • Into Concerts
  • Media Audit Finland
  • Mixtrack Studios
  • Luizinho Mazzei
  • Into Records
  • Seahouse
  • Cute Star
  • We Are One
  • Kukkariihi
  • Contenta
  • Espoon Helvi Oy
  • Sisko-Palvelut
  • GoldStorm Records
  • Validia Ammattiopisto
  • ArtECult-network
  • Rocktehdas
  • ATPL Tuition
  • Suomen Nettiautokauppa
  • TI-Klubi
  • Graaflinx
  • Taitumo-network
  • Kukkariihi
  • DoseSoft
  • Novotek Finland
  • Elkome
  • SataEdu
  • Tritmar
  • Törmien Torakat
  • Derius
  • IJKK
  • Mahis-projekti
  • Kultahaarukka
  • Thai-Vegetables
  • IO-Agent
  • Kuikka Network
  • Atostek Oy
  • Town of Hyvinkää
  • Framilla
  • Järvenpään Palo
  • Selco
  • Staselog
  • Jarin Romu

I also do journalistic work and write gig, festival and album reviews together with interviews and photography. Since 2013 I’ve been also contributing to the biggest heavy metal art websites in the world called HeavyMusicArtwork.com.

I also write articles for Judas Priest’s founder member K.K. Downing and his website Steel Mill. In 2015 I joined forces with Finnish heavy metal media Metalliluola where I have been writing and photographing. For some other further reading here’s some examples of my journalistic work with HeavyMetalArtwork.com, Metalliluola and K.K. Downing’s Steel Mill:

Stuff I can’t do:

  • Javelin throw (but if you really want to pay me lot of ££, $$ or €€ I can give it a shot…)

Hardware I use:


Some cool people I’ve met during my career:

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