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The Drip - The haunting fear of inevitability

Best metal album covers from January to March 2017


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Horseback - Dead ringers

Funniest album covers from 2016

I’ll… just… leave… this… here… Enjoy!

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Testament - Brotherhood of the snake

Top Ten Best Metal Album Covers from 2016

One year of great albums and artwork behind us. What frightens me a bit, is a fact that people born in 2000 are now turning 17! I feel like getting a bit old but nevertheless, goodbye 2016 and hellcome 2017. I hope we can enjoy even better music and art than last year. After struggling decision process combined with […]

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Noveria - Forsaken

Best metal album covers 2016 from October to December

Before announcing the winning album covers of 2016, here are the nominees from October to December including Anaal Nathrakh, Testament, Civil War, Crest of Darkness, And, Ewigheim, Godsticks, Johnny Deathshadow, Noveria and Rivers of Nihil. Stay tuned for the upcoming update of best of the best album covers 2016. Meanwhile have a happy holidays.

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Best metal album covers 2016 from June to September

Here they come! Best of the best from the ´Summer of 16´. Cold and dark winter is getting near so before closing this year and what is rest of it take a look at these nominates. A truly admirable list containing evil looks such as Defiled, Centinex and Ancient. On the other hand some tasty […]

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“Heavy Metal Artwork Magazine” indiegogo-campaign

Heavy Metal Artwork Magazine: Music, Art, Print The World First and Only Heavy Metal Art Magazine Heavy Metal Artwork launches world’s first and only metal art magazine Heavy Metal Artwork has evolved into a leading online publication for heavy metal art. The site is widely visited and highly regarded for its outstanding work in promoting […]

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The Foreshadowing

Best metal album covers 2016 from April and May

Before everyone has disappeared to their summer activities, it is time to take a closer look what happened in the album cover world during April and May. Lot of good albums and covers were released and here’s Bandmill’s contribution and choices as best metal and rock album covers 2016 from April and May. Did I miss anything? […]

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Duel-Fears of the dead

Best metal album covers 2016 from January to March

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Beauvoir Free - American Trash

Funniest album covers from 2015

Time to get serious. Not! These pieces of art are my personal choices for the annual funniest album covers from 2015. Keep in mind my purpose is not to hurt anyones precious feelings here and some of these covers are actually really good, they just make me laugh. In most cases this is good yet some […]

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